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  • Child Development Center
  • Infants starting at 6 weeks thru Preschool and B/A Care for School Age Children
  • VPK Provider
  • Before & After School Turner/Bartels and Seven Oaks Elementary
  • Summer Camp
  • Open All Year
  • Ages 6 weeks to 5th grade
  • Full-time 
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 am-6:00 pm 


Mission Statement


Creative Times Academy provides a fun, loving, creative environment. Our common purpose is to daily enhance the lives of the children and families we serve. We strive to support children’s growing independence and build confidence to achieve their full potential.






We believe teachers, parents and children need to aid in the children’s growth and development by building a strong bond through communication and working as a team.


We feel children should be allowed to experiment and be provided with the opportunity to explore and create in a safe and healthy environment.


We believe in encouraging and praising children to inspire them to think for themselves, allowing them to draw their own conclusions.


We understand that when children play everything relates to the real world, therefore for children, playing is learning.


We encourage children to be kind, fair, and to share.


We believe by providing a safe, clean, loving environment we show the children to they are loved, valued, and wanted.


We also believe that by keeping the teachers happy they will stay longer, being able to create a strong bond and trust with the children.


We strive to maintain the highest quality childcare.


We aspire to make a difference in the lives of the children, families, employees, and in the community we serve.


We are dedicated to the safety and future of all children.


We always value the rights of the children by giving them one on one attention and listening to them. We make sure we get to their level and talk with them rather than at them.


We are committed to every child and family at our center.


We aim to enrich everyone’s life that we are in contact with including the children, parents, and staff.


We believe in providing age appropriate activities for the children in all areas of learning.



· Each child to develop an understanding of themselves and others.

· Each child to develop emotionally, socially, physically, culturally, and cognitively.

· Each child to gain independence, confidence, and responsibility.

· Each child to develop an active and positive approach to life.

· Each child to develop a sense of well being.

· Each child to develop relationships with the staff based on trust, love, and respect.


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